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The Fraunhofer Screening Fab offers semiconductor grade screening and evaluation services for materials, processes, chemicals and consumables from laboratory scale to production scale (for ULSI) for IC manufacturers and suppliers. We provide experienced scientists, professional wafer handling (ISO 9001) and state-of-the-art equipment for 200/300 mm wafers with short processing times for our customers to reduce costs and the time-to-market.

Fraunhofer Screening Fab for: 

  • Consumable Benchmarking, 
  • Process Development, 
  • Ultra Large Scale Integration (ULSI), 
  • Pilot Production and 
  • Equipment Evaluation.




Leading edge processing and process development for Nanopatterning, ALD, CMP, Wafer Plating and Wafer Cleaning.



Qualification of new equipment, parts and consumables for mass production under industry standard conditions.



Broker services for blank wafer and structured wafer for further processing including advanced metrology.

Fraunhofer Screening Fab in a nutshell

The Screening Fab is a service platform from Fraunhofer IPMS - Center Nanoelectronic Technologies (CNT) in Dresden, Germany.

Wafer transport in 300 mm CMP-tool for brush evaluation.

  • Established test platform for suppliers, material developers and equipment manufacturers under industry conditions
  • Production like environment with standard industry equipment (200/300 mm)
  • Independent evaluation, experiment control with ISO 9001 certification
  • Direct exchange of wafers with production lines (short loops), professional contamination management and direct link to industrial facilities (connection to industrial media supply)
  • Pre- and post-processing for optimization of individual process steps
  • Fast scale up from Lab to Fab with more than 10 years experience in bringing new materials into manufacturing
  • Economization of resources (equipment, workforce, time)

Fraunhofer Screnning Fab


Fraunhofer IPMS
Center Nanoelectronic Technologies (CNT)
An der Bartlake 5
01109 Dresden, Germany

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