300 mm Wafer Services

Screening Fab

For high volume production (HVM) of semiconductor devices such as microprocessors, every single process step is of interest for evaluation and optimization. Test vehicles and test wafers are essential for testing developments and new materials under production conditions. Test wafers enable scientists to react quickly on process changes and transfer chemicals or processes from „Lab to Fab“ for HVM.

The Screening Fab at Fraunhofer IPMS - Center Nanoelectronic Technologies (CNT) is intensively researching the production and optimization of semiconductor devices and offers a multitude of advantages.

Blank Wafer

300 mm Blank Wafer

Silicon based Layer

  • SiO2 (thermal or chemical formed oxide)
  • Organo silicate glass (SiCOH/ULK) [porous]
  • SiGe
  • Doped amorphous Si and poly Si (P, B)


  • PVD: Ta(N), Ti(N), Cu
  • CVD: Co
  • ECD: Co, Cu

ALD based Oxides and Nitrides

  • Al2O3
  • HfO2 (doped)
  • ZrO2
  • More materials upon request

Structured Wafer

300 mm Structured Wafer

Test Structures for various Processes at ≤ 28 nm Technology Node 

  • CMP | Plating | Cleaning
  • Thin films | STI

Test Structures for functional Layers

  • Memory applications
  • MIS/MIM structures

Custom Layout Implementation / E-Beam Lithography Nanopatterning

Test Structures for BEOL / Wafel Level Packaging (IZM-ASSID)

  • TSV Test Wafers (via middle, via last)
  • Si Interposer with Cu-TSV
  • Fine pitch flip Interconnects
  • Teships for chip-to-wafer / chip-to-chip / chip-to-substrate bonding


Test wafers are verified in our metrology system park for a fast realization of further qualification steps on site.

Picture of an EFTEM (Energy filtered transmission electron microscopy)
  • Layer thickness and uniformity 
  • (4-point probing, ellipsometry, XRR, high res. profi lometry)
  • Film morphology and structure 
  • (AFM [3D], XRD, surface inspection, SEM, TEM, porosimetry)
  • Chemical composition & contamination
  • Patterned defect inspection
  • Electrochemical monitoring of electrolyte solutions and additives 
  • (CVS, LP, EIS, etc.)
  • Electrical characterization of functional layers and layer stacks 
  • (Semi-automatic probing)


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